Logging In

I’ve registered and set my password, but I keep getting an error message when I try to log in. Try to access the grants portal using a different internet browser, or clear your browsing history, cache, and cookies in your current browser. When you access the grants portal again, be sure that you are on the correct foundation portal. If you are trying to access the Crescent Porter Hale Foundation’s portal, you should see the foundation’s logo in the upper left corner of the screen. Be sure to manually log out of the portal when leaving the page to prevent technical issues.

If you are still unable to log in, please contact the foundation’s grants manager, Aja Walter. Aja can be reached at awalter@pfs-llc.net or at 415-561-6540 x286.

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How do I edit a contact who is already in the system? 

1. Start by clicking on the link for your organization profile:

  1. Click “View” at the top left of your screen.

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the name of the contact you would like to edit. If the contact is no longer working with your organization, you cannot delete them from our system. However, you can add former to their title (Former Development Assistant, for example) so our team knows that staff person is no longer with your organization.

How do I add the executive director, or another staff person, as a contact?
1. Start by clicking on the link for your organization profile:

  1. Then, in the upper left-hand corner, click on New and select Contact from the drop-down menu:

  1. Using the new contact form, enter the contact’s information.
  2. Contact the foundation’s grants manager, Stacey Angeles, at sangeles@pfs-llc.net to activate the new user’s account.

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Why am I seeing so many draft proposals?
Each time you click the New Proposal icon you will automatically create a new draft proposal. Once you have started a draft, please always be sure to access it using the Current Proposals icon and not the New Proposal icon.

How do I access a saved draft of a proposal I’m working on?
Click on the Current Proposals icon on your home page:

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Uploading Documents

Where do I upload my 501c3 letter? 
1. Your organization’s 501c3 letter should be uploaded to the organization profile, which means you won’t need to upload it each time you submit a proposal. First, go to the Organization Profile from the home page:

Org Profile2.

2. Be sure that you are in the “edit” mode of your Organization Profile.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of your Organization Profile page until you see the Documents to Upload section. Click the upload button to open the file manager.

  1. Upload the tax determination letter using the file manager. You can either drag and drop your file directly into the upload box, or you can click the browse icon to search for the file on your computer.

  1. Once you have uploaded your letter, be sure to click “save” at the bottom of the screen.

I’ve uploaded all of the required documents, but I keep getting an error message when I try to submit, saying I haven’t uploaded all the required documents.
1. Be sure to click “save draft” before submitting your final proposal. This will help the system recognize all uploads. If you click “save draft” and continue to receive an error message, double-check that you have uploaded the files to the correct section. The documents should be uploaded to the area below the description of the file requested.

Deleting Documents

How do I delete a file I’ve uploaded?

  1. You can delete a single file by clicking the three vertical dots on the right side of the uploaded document and choosing “delete”